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Welcome to Our World!


Trained and degreed educators expose children to literature through the use of storytelling. These same stories are then brought to life within our beautiful 3500 square foot facility.

Children become secure learners when they feel comfortable, surrounded by positive and experienced individuals. As a parent you want the best for your child. At The Sensory Station, we give the best!

Environment and Facility

The Sensory Station is an exciting place for your child to learn. Each lesson is customized by our Director of Curriculum and provides opportunities to use simple, specific methods in which children can experience the world as natural scientists. Our unique facility is a major component in our developing these skills in your child. With over 8 designated learning labs with state of the art furniture and materials, your child will fall in love with the sensory process. Children are encouraged to ask questions, as well as to figure things out for themselves by using familiar objects and equipment that are created specifically to foster confidence in their abilities.