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My Hypothesis

Messy is best when you’re trying to guess!!!

In order to conquer the world, little ones must first understand their world.  Explore and discover the sense of touch through making scientific concoctions at The Sensory Station.  During My Hypothesis, young children benefit from encouraged exposure to tactile and reading readiness experiences.

In this class your child will also find many hands on learning opportunities involving colors, shapes, patterns, textures, sizes, smells and more.  The Sensory Station offers two designated rooms filled with open ended materials with a variety of tools to explore.  There are 3 projects of varying degree to engage your child in the scientific experience.  Each lesson will begin with a reading activity that prepares the group for the day’s project.  Your child will learn to “dissect” stories, make fun predictions and conclude with a “scientific outcome”.

My Hypothesis is a year round program broken into 4 week sessions for ages 3 to 7.  Each session will begin the first Friday and Saturday of each month. (Times may vary.)

Cost of the class is just $60 per month!