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Reading Series

The Sensory Station believes literacy is not a set of isolated skills, but rather a set of processes that children see as a means to achieve goals. The Sensory Station’s curriculum reflects this belief and ensures children are able to comprehend and detail a story long before reading formally. Our custom classes and degreed instructors smoothly assist your child in the skills needed to support learning to read no matter where they are in the learning process. 

The Sensory Station Reading Series is geared towards children ages 3 to 10. Within our series of classes your child will learn to comprehend and then communicate the details of a story. Authors and illustrators are carefully selected and story plots are discussed. Focus is placed on specific areas of reading development such as reading readiness, topic challenges, and detailed author studies. Listening to books being read plays a very important role in the literacy development of children. Our goal is to teach children to understand the function of reading and the lifetime of enjoyment it brings.


Introductory readers are beginning to learn the skills necessary to develop a love of the spoken and written word.  Letter recognition, phonics, sight words and simple sentences are also introduced in this class.


Beginning readers who read with assistance and can retell stories.  Your child will learn to strengthen comprehension and understand the parts of a book.   Throughout this class children use sight words to gain a better understanding of text as they become more confident independent readers.


In this class children become independent readers able to ask questions about text involving deeper concepts such as, character development.  Fluency of reading is addressed along with gains in phonics and decoding skills needed to read longer books.  Writing skills become a significant part of instruction.