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Writing & Tutoring

writingChildren develop a feel for the nature of written language at a very early age by listening to books read aloud. Our enrichment classes are for students aged 4.5 to 11 to achieve a head start on learning, as well as add depth to their writing and understanding of concepts. Degreed educators give instruction in group and private sessions. All grade levels are provided with computers, equipment and materials to enrich their learning experience. Our Academic Enrichment program is taught in a private wing of the building where children can practice decoding strategies to improve reading in all content areas. Public speaking and writing skills are practiced in each session. Group and private classes are available Monday through Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Creative Writing and Handwriting Programs

We utilize the HWT program for the mechanics of teaching writing and The Sensory Station writing curriculum to expand skills.  In this class children learn to write with ease using proper pencil grip, which assist in the correct formation of letters.  We use books as an inspiration to all writing activities to create a fun filled way in which to learn.  We later expand on skills to introduce cursive and keyboarding.

 A separate writing lab is designed with equipment and materials to engage the writer in your child.  Included in sessions are practiced journal and story writing. Our writing strategies are aligned with state standards in Language Arts.  The Sensory Station unique approach to writing instruction, will give your child the environment necessary to focus and expand on the written word. 


Elementary Testing

Study Skills (Group Lessons)

Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade Second and Third Grade Fourth and Fifth Grade

Test Prep (Private and Group Lessons)

Second through Fifth Grade

Intro to PARCC (Group Lessons)

Third through Fifth Grade

How to navigate a GT class (Group Lessons)

Fourth and Fifth Grade

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Tutoring and Enrichment

Helping your child pass through the stages of emergent literacy is one of the best gifts that you can offer as a parent. Because children pass through these stages in different ways and at different ages, our Tutoring and Enrichment programs are customized to meet your child where he or she is at this moment.  We use all subject areas including math, language arts, social studies and science to further support the learning process.