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We Make Sense of the Early Years!!!

The Sensory Station is an Early Childhood enrichment program that focuses on reading, writing and the senses.  Children between the ages of 3 to 11 learn to read in an environment designed specifically for their age group.  We balance all of our instruction with tangible materials to bring information to life. While at The Sensory Station your child’s inquisitive nature will be embraced and encouraged in order to create a lifelong love of reading. Trained degreed educators expose children to literature through the use of storytelling. These same stories are later brought to life within our beautiful 3500 square foot facility.  Each lesson is customized by our Director of Curriculum.


Our Mission

The mission of The Sensory Station is to nurture the natural development of inquisitive children.  Children learn literacy through active engagement with books and writing opportunities.  Our goal is to reconstruct their knowledge by rereading favorite books as well as exposing them to multiple forms of literature.  Children are encouraged to ask questions, as well as to figure things out for themselves.  Our program is specifically designed for the way children learn and most importantly how they have fun. Opportunities in our program will help them to value and make “sense” of the familiar and unfamiliar world.


Curriculum and Teaching

teachingThe Sensory Station Curriculum is year round and incorporates summer programming in order to foster friendships and expand on reading and writing skills.  All lessons incorporate State Language Arts standards where questions are prepared to encourage deeper conversations within each class discussion. It is our goal to guide all children who study at The Sensory Station to recognize a sense of who they are as natural scientist and what they are capable of becoming in this world.  Sensory Instructors come from either early childhood or elementary education backgrounds of study.  Their knowledge assists them in implementing a sensory experience that is meaningful for your child.   Sensory Instructors encourage group and independent peer involvement in language, and social development, as well as problem solving skills.



researchThe functions of reading often promote the learning of reading. Studies show that students are better prepared for school when they read throughout the year. The process of learning to read and write begins very early in a child’s life. At The Sensory Station children have contact with many forms of communication right from the start. We experiment with written forms of communicating, by scribbling, coloring and breaking down each area of a story in verbal and written form. Comprehending and detailing a story needs to come long before reading formally. The Sensory Station will smoothly assist you in leading your child to the skills needed for both reading, and writing acquisition.




 Meet Our Founder

Amy Collins is the Founder, Creator, and Director of Curriculum of The Sensory Station. With a B.S. in Communications and a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, Amy’s successful background includes over 20 years of private and public education.  Finding a natural way to develop a child’s inquisitive mind has been her goal for over 10 years.  As both an experienced mother and educator, Amy’s concept of The Sensory Station was organically developed by using a mixture of specific learning styles and environments.  The unique curriculum provides an efficient and effective foundation for literacy that is age appropriate, and most importantly fun! 

Enroll Now – “Hurry”

The Sensory Station offers day and evening classes to help your child gain a deeper understanding of literature through storytelling.  Classes are available Monday through Friday in the morning, afternoon and evenings.  Saturday classes are available in the morning and afternoon only.

Email the office at contactus@thesensorystation.com or call 443-917-2177 for more details.